North Carolina Air Force Family Scholarship Application Information


The North Carolina Air Force Scholarship program was established to award merit based scholarships to eligible dependent Family members of Veterans, Active Duty and Department of the Air Force who reside in North Carolina.  The intent is for scholarships to be awarded annually and will be open to undergraduate studies that result in a degree or vocational certification from an accredited college, vocational or technical institution.

Applications with all required information and documentation must be provided to the committee no later than May 15, 2021.  Applications or accompanying documentation need to be received via email at  A completed application, with all supporting documentation may be mailed to Goldsboro Elks – AFFSP PO Box 1003 Goldsboro, NC 27533.  Any incomplete applications, or applications after the deadline, will be ineligible.  Applicants are required to provide all requested information to be properly evaluated for any scholarship award.  A recipient may receive no more than one scholarship from this fund per year.


We will issue scholarships of between $1,000 and $5,000 per semester per individual for eligible expenses that are not met by other scholarships or benefits.


  • Cost of attendance shall be deemed to include monies for tuition, fees, books, supplies and equipment required for study at an eligible postsecondary institution, as well as room and board, only if the scholarship recipient is enrolled as at least a half-time student at the institution.
  • Direct costs are billable charges and include expenses like tuition, fees, on-campus housing and university meal plans.
  • Indirect costs are non-billable expenses associated with attending the university.


Dependent Family members (Spouse or Dependent Children) of Active Duty, Veteran or Department of Air Force civilians who were killed or died of service-connected wounds, injuries, or illness as a member of the United States Air Force or were deemed at least fifty percent (50%) or more disabled and separated from the Air Force under honorable conditions.

  • Legal resident of North Carolina when Scholarship documentation is completed.
  • Registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS).
  • High School senior, graduate or registered as an undergraduate student at an accredited post-secondary college or vocational or technical institute pursuing degree or certification completion.
  • Eligible postsecondary institutions: a constituent institution of The University of North Carolina Community College under the jurisdiction of the North Carolina Board of Community Colleges, a private educational institution as defined in G.S 143B-1224, an accredited private vocational institution.


APPLICANT ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION – Both the applicant and their sponsor are required to complete, read and sign the Statement of Certification at the bottom of the fifth page.  Unsigned applications will not be accepted.

SAT/ACT SCORES – Submit a copy of your SAT/ACT score sheet.  If multiple tests were taken, include your highest scores, but do not mix individual scores between the tests (even if scores are shown on your transcripts).

GRADE POINT AVERAGE/TRANSCRIPTS – Submit a certified copy of your most recently completed transcripts that clearly state your cumulative GPA and reflects all courses completed and grades earned.

CLASS RANKING – If not shown on your transcript, submit a letter from a school official on school letterhead indicating your class ranking/standing or if you school does not rank, submit documentation stating such.  If you have been out of school greater than 5 years you may defer.

ESSAY –  Submit your responses to scholarship essay questions on a separate sheet of plain white paper.  Your responses must be typed.

REFERENCE EVALUATION FORMS – Three reference evaluation forms in support of your application should be forwarded by the person completing the form or letter to the NC Scholarship Committee.  Use the reference form included with this application.  You may also enclose the Reference Evaluation Form in sealed, tamper evident envelopes with your application and supporting materials.

Applications should be typed or legibly printed in black ink.

DO NOT STAPLE your application materials.  Please use paperclips only.

Please include these two pages with your application.

I have fulfilled the requirements for application and have included the supplemental material required for the NC Scholarship.

I understand that the North Carolina Air Force Family Scholarship award may be used only at accredited educational institutions.

I am aware that scholarship award recipients will be posted on the North Carolina Air Force Family Scholarship website. Scholarship recipients will receive an award letter in the mail.


Applicant’s Name (please print)


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Applicant’s Signature                                                                    Date