The Goldsboro Elks are pleased to partner with the Patriot Foundation to offer members of our community the opportunity to apply for the NC Patriot Star Family Scholarship Program. The Patriot Foundation is a non-profit that has provided post-secondary scholarships for the family members of fallen, wounded, injured or seriously ill service members for the past twenty years.

Eligibility Requirements:

Who is Eligible:

  • Children of fallen or disabled Veterans or injured active-duty service members
  • Spouses of fallen or disabled Veterans
  • Disabled Veterans with a Veteran disability rating of 50% or greater

Applicant Criteria:

  • Resident of NC
  • Accepted to or attending NC postsecondary institution
  • Registered for Selective Service, if applicable

Sponsoring Service member meets:

  • One of the following residency criteria:
    • Resident of NC
    • Was a resident of NC at the time of entrance into service
    • Was permanently stationed in NC at the time of death
    • Active duty permanently stationed in NC
  • And, one of the following service criteria:
    • Killed in the line of duty
    • Died from service-connected injury or illness
    • Veteran living with a disability rating of 50% or greater
    • Active-duty service member incurred traumatic wounds or illness

Award Information

  • Scholarship awards can be applied to the cost of attendance and can assist students pursuing two-year, four-year, graduate, and doctoral level degree programs.

Application deadline for the Spring 2023 term is November 30, 2022.

Apply online using this link…

Note that the above link will take you to a different page for the Application.