The Air Force Family Scholarship Program is an all-volunteer team led by the Goldsboro Elks that provides educational scholarships for North Carolina based Air Force families.  We support Air Force families across throughout North Carolina that have a fallen, wounded, injured, or ill service member since September 11th 2001.


Our vision is to provide scholarship funding for children of killed, wounded, injured, or seriously ill airmen throughout NC. 


Founded in 2019, thru funding from the Patriot Foundation, the Air Force Family Scholarship Program supports families of servicemen and women killed, wounded, injured, or seriously ill, in the Global War on Terrorism. Since 2003, The Patriot Foundation have donated over $6,000,000, and have provided over 2,000 college scholarships, as well as child care for spouses who need to go back to school.

The Patriot Foundation is grateful for all the contributions it has received from its many corporate partners. Decisions regarding which child receives a grant are made by non-profit organizations aligned with the Patriot Foundation which are expert on the needs of the families we benefit.

In addition, the State of North Carolina gave the Patriot Foundation exceptional recognition in the form of a Proclamation which was presented at the 2015 Soldiers Appreciation Dinner.  The Proclamation states: “that the Patriot Foundation creates hope and opportunity for those who have sacrificed so much for the freedom and security of a grateful nation and the State of North Carolina”. Former Govenor McCrory proclaimed September 26, 2015 as “SOLDIER APPRECIATION DAY” in North Carolina.

Your support has a high positive impact on family morale. The simple fact that someone is honoring the soldiers’ service, and assisting their families, is a powerful demonstration that ordinary citizens care about and support the troops.